AMPED for Proper Hydration

Proper hydration is the key to good performance during a workout. Maintaining adequate hydration is vital for everyone, but it’s especially important for people who are physically active. Even mild dehydration can have a serious impact on athletic performance. Athletes begin to experience measurable decreases in performance after a loss of just 1 or 2 percent of their body weight from dehydration (1). For example, runners who were dehydrated by only 2 percent of body weight had a 7 percent decrease Continue reading →

Meet Isagenix Indonesia Celebration 2017 Speakers!

Building a successful business is achievable when you have the right believe to the future opportunity and the right person who lead by example. An extraordinary colaboration from management who has a great strategy for the future and a role model who has proven bussiness success in Isagenix, is a great sharing you won't missed out. These individuals has joined and built Isagenix from the very beginning, and they know exactly what to do to develop a sustainable success which become one of Continue reading →

Because I Can: 200-Pound Club Member No Longer Feels Trapped in Her Body

Chubby since childhood, Robin Janes never imagined she could lose weight, let alone over 200 pounds.* “All my life, I was always the big kid, and I honestly did not think it was possible to change that,” she said. Robin’s weight affected everyday things like going to the grocery store or getting up off the couch to get something to drink. She reached a turning point when she had to put her education on hold because she grew too large to fit into her university desk chair.   Everything Continue reading →

Why Protein Pacing Works for Fat Loss

The most oft-asked questions that nutrition researcher Paul Arciero, Ph.D., gets about eating for weight loss, better health, and athletic performance are usually about “what” and “when” to eat. His answer in every case? Try protein pacing. As a professor of health and exercise sciences and director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism laboratory at Skidmore College, Dr. Arciero has been a key figure in research on protein pacing. He was also the lead researcher in a series of recent studies, Continue reading →

Protein Requirements for Athletes

Suck the water out of a lean athlete and you are left with mostly protein. More than half the dry weight of your body is protein, over 100,000 different proteins, each precisely constructed from gene expression. The structure of your brain cells, your organs, and your muscles is pure protein. Even the hemoglobin that carries the oxygen in your blood is protein. The creation of a thought, the blink of an eye, the contraction of a muscle, every move you make, is controlled by thousands of different Continue reading →