The Super Rally race is on and Associates all over Asia are earning their way to the first ever Convention 1!

We’re awarding more prizes than ever including:

  • Free logo wear
  • Free event tickets
  • Paid hotel rooms for Convention 1
  • Flights and ground transportation
  • Invites to an exclusive cocktail party and more!

Any Indonesia Isagenix Associate can participate, with hard work and dedication every member in Asia can earn this amazing trip!

Full details on how to register and win are available in the contest rules.

What is Super Rally?

Super Rally is a fun competition where individual Associates earn points for activities that transform lives and build their business. And the best part is we’re adding extra prizes along the way that anyone can win—even if you don’t win the trip at the end!

For more details on what Super Rally is, how to earn points, and more, check out this article.

Rules of the Race for Super Rally

Super Rally is open to all active Associates in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia Getting Started

There is no registration process to Super Rally.  All Active Associate in good standing can earn points.

Contest Time Frame

Points accrue from October 5, 2015 to January 31, 2016. 11:59 ET.

How to Earn Points

You earn points for basic business building activities like helping new members share Isagenix products and solutions, advance in rank, stay active within their business and more. Check out the point structure for Super Rally.

For more on Super Rally, including leaderboard updates, tips for success, and more, visit

Category: New Members
1 Point
Earn 1 point for every 100 BV your new member orders at enrollment.
Category: Ongoing Customer Orders
Earn 1 point for every 100 BV your new personal customer orders on subsequent orders (month two and beyond).
Category: Rank Advancements
2 Points
Advance to/develop a new personally registered Consultant.
4 Points
Advance to /develop a new personally registered Manager or Crystal Manager.
6 Points
Advance to /develop a new personally registered Director or Crystal Director.
10 Points
Advance to /develop a new personally registered Executive or Crystal Executive
Category: Additional Personal Rank Advancements
10 Points
Advance to 1- and/or 2-Star Golden Circle.
20 Points
Advance to 3-Star Golden Circle or above.
Category: Maintain Active Ranks
1 Point
2 Points
4 Points
6 Points